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Ghodran factory for light food products, is a leading manufacturer of potato chips, corn puffs, cube sugar, sachet sugar and juice. having established in the year 1979: outstanding industry innovation has been recorded, especially in devising high standard in our chips production as a leading manufacturer, we provide a dedicated and sincere service to all our customers across the kingdom. Our customers create the market and we create the satisfying and consistent taste every time , time after time-that ensures repeated purchase of our products. The dedicated service of our technicians, chief of Q/C and other sections work in close partnership with our managers and with our customers to ensure a complete understanding of our product and market requirement in what has come to be recognized as an extraordinary level of service and personal attention. the company has enhanced by substantial and continuing investment program. this has increased manufacturing capacity in every sector of its business. with exceptional facilities: quality assurance to ISO and a resource of skilled, experienced personnel Ghodran factory for light food is in its growth path.


One of our main businesses at Saeed Ghodran group is the manufacturing of potato, and our group is proud that it’s the first in Saudi Arabia to employ Saudi women to work in production lines.The factory offers wide range of brands with different delicious flavors. Our range of products are Cocktail Chips, Marhaba, Billy and Khawatim. We use different flavors like barbeque chicken, vegetable, cheese and ketchup. The production and packaging lines in the factory are from UK, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands and Japan .We are very particular in providing quality products and sincere service to all our valued customers in the Kingdom. We use the best brand of raw materials are pasta food from U.K, Mafin from Italy & lemagrain from France.


At Saeed Ghodran group, it all started with the purpose of exploring the opportunity in the field of trading, Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran Imported rice from different countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe repacking it and trading it through the kingdom. Our main brands of rice are Abu Ghodran, Abu Adnan, And Abu Kharuf. We have big storage facilities in Dammam & Riyadh where we are able to store over two million tons per year. With the support of our logistics department, a big Fleet service with around 150 heavy trucks and 100 Mini trucks backed up with a professional Marketing team is fully engaged with the trading business to keep up with the demand of the market.


Sugar is one of the high demand products in the Kingdom, and the group has been keen to provide it to meet the needs of the market as a consumer commodity that is very required. We Import and repack sugar in 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg and 10Kg bags for the market. We have big storage facilities, where we can store over a million tons, A big fleet service backed up with a professional marketing team.





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